Playground Advisory Unit

The Kidsafe SA Playground Advisory Unit (PAU) provides a range of services to help you create and maintain play spaces that support children's development, learning, health and wellbeing while reducing the risk of serious injury. The playground team are trained Comprehensive Playground Inspectors who are experienced in assessing and reporting according to the Australian Standards related to playgrounds (AS 4685:2021,2017 Playground equipment and surfacing, AS 4422:2016 Playground Surfacing). The expert team holds diverse knowledge on all things play including current research and trends on safe, creative playspaces.

The PAU team inspects over 150 playspaces each year including both nature playspaces and traditional equipment. They travel across South Australia visiting education sites, public parks and various other facilities.

Kidsafe SA's Playground Advisory Unit is independent and not affiliated with any playground equipment manufacturer, retailer or ancillary business.

The PAU provides a range of services including:

  • Advice
  • Review of Plans
  • Inspections
  • Training
  • Resources

To contact the PAU call (08) 7089 8554 or email

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Need some information on playgrounds equipment, surfacing, design or the Australian Standards? One of our PAU team members can provide free information on simple matters over the phone just call Kidsafe SA on (08) 7089 8554.

For complex questions consider our services below.

Review of plans

The Review of Plans service assists playground designers, builders or owners to create playgrounds that offer a balance between safety, challenge, natural elements and sculpture. A review of plans will provide the client with a written report that itemises identified areas of potential non-conformance to the Australian Standards and provides practical design recommendations. This is a great method to gain advice regarding compliance prior to the commencement of works.

The benefits:

  • Receive best practice recommendations
  • Expert advice on custom designed elements, natural playspaces and sculptural elements
  • Report can be used to support applications for funding and playground improvement/upgrade
  • Fix any issues before construction starts

How to obtain a quote

To receive a quote please email the following details to

  • Name and location of the site
  • Playspace plans
  • Your contact details


Playground inspections are an important part of playspace maintenance. Kidsafe SA offers a range of onsite playground inspection services that include written and photographic reports. All inspections are undertaken by a qualified playground inspector.

Benefits of a playground inspection:

  • Greater awareness and understanding of playground hazards
  • Potential reduction of playground injuries
  • Effective resource utilisation (maintenance)
  • Efficient planning and budgeting
  • Improved public image and community relations

The Australian Standards for playgrounds recommend regular inspections to improve the maintenance and longevity of the playground while reducing the risk of injury.

How to obtain a quote

The cost of a playground inspection varies greatly depending on the size, type and location of the playground.

To receive a quote please email with the following details:

  • Name and location of the site
  • Photos or a concept map of the playspace(s)
  • Your contact details
  • Preferred inspection date
What is a Comprehensive Playground Inspection?

A comprehensive playground inspection is an inspection to establish the overall safety of the equipment, foundations and surfaces. The purpose of the Comprehensive Playground Safety Inspection is to identify and report on non-conformance to the Australian Standards such as: potential hazards on and in the playground, equipment, within the design and installation, maintenance, and environmental conditions that could present possible risk to children/users. Post inspection, a written report is provided which includes recommendations for rectifying non-conformances and making repairs. Each identified non-conformance is risk assessed according to ISO 31000.

Once the inspection is booked with the PAU, a qualified inspector will visit the site (for 1-2 hours per playspace) to measure and test all the equipment, surfacing and ancillary items. During this visit, the inspector works independently and will make contact with the client if any high risk finding are identified. After the inspection, the PAU will provide the client with a written report (which includes photos) that contains all findings and recommendations to rectify these issues.

Time frames

  • Quotes will be provided within 1-2 business days of details being provided to the PAU
  • Generally, an inspection can take place within 1-2 weeks of a quote being accepted (in writing).
  • Inspections can also be booked well in advance to fit with construction timelines and/or school holidays.
When should I get a Comprehensive Playground Inspection?

Comprehensive Playground Inspections should be completed:

1. Post-Installation.

Once a playspace is complete, but before it has opened to the public, a post-installation comprehensive playground safety inspection is provided to verify that the playspace is ready for use and that the equipment supplied and installed conforms with the current playground Standards.

2. Annually.

An annual comprehensive playground inspection is provided to ensure the ongoing safety and stability of the playspace including the overall stability of the equipment, footings, surfacing, structural integrity, corrosion/rotting and any changes made due to repairs/replaced components.

(Please note: Kidsafe SA does not conduct drop testing on playground surfaces; contact us for further information.)


Appropriate training, skills and knowledge is helpful to create and maintain safe and enjoyable playspaces for children. Kidsafe recommends accredited playground training (please see below).

However we also offer workshops, so if you are looking for something different, want a specific topic covered or want training held at your site a personalised workshops is something worth exploring. For more information on our playground workshops please email or phone (08) 7089 8554.

Nationally Accredited Playground Training:

Australian Standards for playgrounds identify that inspections should be conducted by a competent person who has acquired the appropriate training qualifications or experience. Kidsafe SA offers 3 levels of accredited training courses:

  • Visual inspection (daily/weekly inspections)
  • Operational inspection (1-3 monthly inspections)
  • Comprehensive inspection (post-installation/annual inspections)

For more information view the tabs below.

AHCPGD212 Conduct visual inspection of park facilities

This 1-day nationally accredited course provides participants with the skills and knowledge to conduct routine visual inspections of park and recreational facilities to identify visual hazards and existing potential risks.

This course is suitable for individuals such as:

  • playground operators
  • maintenance personnel
  • risk assessors
  • safety officers
  • auditors
  • managers and owners of playground in public and private parks
  • staff members from schools
  • child care and other recreation and leisure facilities
  • those responsible for routine maintenance.

Click here to download the course flyer.

For more information on our nationally accredited playground training courses please read the Kidsafe SA Training Course Information Booklet available below.

Training Course Information Booklet
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Kidsafe South Australia deliver training and assessment for course 52778WA on behalf of Kidsafe WA (National Provider Number 52376). We are governed by the Kidsafe WA RTO Policy and Procedures, a copy of which can be accessed on the Kidsafe WA website or by contacting Kidsafe WA Training Registrations on (08) 6244 4880.


Our Playground Safety Information Sheets have been developed to help guide playground owners, schools and professionals on the safety aspects of a playspace. Our information sheets provide further information on a number of area of playground safety including:

  • Entrapment
  • Playground Hazards
  • Playground Safety Management Systems
  • Playground Surfacing
  • Slides
  • Swings

Click here to view our range of Playground Safety Information Sheets.