Fitting and Checking Service

Kidsafe SA have a team of qualified professional staff and volunteers ready to install and instruct you on the use of your child restraint, even if you purchased it elsewhere.

Fitting Services:

Kidsafe SA can professionally install your child restraint into your vehicle. Our qualified experience child restraint fitters can adjust and fit your child restraint into your vehicle and instruct you on the correct use of your child restraint. Bookings are essential and our comprehensive fitting service will leave you driving away with the confidence that your child restraint is correctly installed and you know how to use it.

Checking Services:

Have you installed your own child car seat and are unsure if you have installed it correctly? Let Kidsafe SA check it for you. Our qualified child restraint fitters can look over your car seat and let you know if there are any installation errors, giving you peace of mind.

If errors are found and you would like our fitters to fix the installation for you, you simply pay an installation fee.

Car Seat Consultations

Newborn check

How is your precious newborn travelling in the car? We are here to provide advice on the best child restraint for your little one or to check that they fit in their current car seat well. Our child restraint professionals can help to take the worry away and instruct you on how best to secure your new addition into their child restraint properly.

3 across the back

Adding to the family can mean adding additional child restraints to the car, this can sometimes be a struggle. Kidsafe SA can help you find the best solution for fitting multiple car seats in your car. Just book an appointment with our team.

What is the next step?

Children need different car restraints for different developmental stages. Our team can provide professional unbiased advice to help with all stages of your child’s development and safety while travelling.

If you have a question about fitting or hiring a child restraint or to book an appointment with our expert team please call (08) 7089 8554

Service Price List (as of 1st May 2022)

Install/adjust 1 child restraints


Install/adjust 2 child restraints


Install/adjust 3 child restraints


Consultation Fee/Install - Special Needs


Consultation Fee - 3 child restraints (extended consult)


Checking fee


Move/reinstall existing restraint as part of a hire service

All fitting and hire services by appointment.
Please call (08) 70898554.


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