Farm Safety


Australian farms remain a high risk setting for injury and fatalities of all age groups including children. Each year approximately 10 Australian children are fatally injured on farms (AgriFutures Australia).

Some of the top cause of childhood injury on farms include:

  • Drowning in dams
  • Farm vehicles particularly quad bikes and side-by-sides
  • Animals (dogs, cattle etc)
  • Machinery and plant
How can you make your farm Kidsafe?
  1. Download 'A Parent's Guide to Kidsafe Farms'

  2. Spot the hazards around the farmyard and home

  3. Decide how to deal with the hazard

  4. Act immediately and make the changes!

Keeping visiting children safe on farms

Children visiting farms need special protection, particularly those visiting from the city as they may not be familiar with the farm environment and the surrounding hazards.

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