Community Talks Program


Keeping Children Safe Webinars are an online education program to support parents and carers on providing a safe environment for children and reducing the risk of injury in the home and on the road. Kidsafe SA will be delivering two Keeping Children Safe Webinars regularly online.


    Keeping Children Safe at Home

    The home is the most common location for a young child to be injured. Topics covered in these home safety sessions include the prevention of:

    • accidental poisoning
    • burns and scalds
    • drowning
    • falls
    • choking
    • button battery ingestion
    • driveway runovers

    Keeping Children Safe on the Road

    This webinar will cover transporting children safely including:

    • child car restraint use and fitment
    • legal requirements for transporting children
    • types of restraints and accessories
    • older and second hand restraints
    • and more!

    Cost: FREE

    Who should attend? Parents, carers, grandparents, occasional carers (aunts, uncles or babysitters) and anyone who cares for children and wants to know the best way to keep them safe.

    To register for one of these sessions, click here

    Community Talks Program

    Kidsafe SA offer a Community Talks Program on child safety and injury prevention to new parent and other interested community groups, presented at their usual meeting place, by Kidsafe SA staff members.

    We cover a range of child safety and injury prevention topics including the prevention of burns and scalds, falls, choking, poisoning, drowning, driveway runovers, safe infant sleeping, child car restraints, dogs and kids, nursery furniture, unsafe products etc. Bookings are essential as our calendar fills quickly and there are a limited number of spaces available each year.

    The information provided in these sessions can be tailored to the specific needs of your group e.g. safe infant sleeping, child car restraints, home safety etc. Please contact us to organise a community talk with your group.