Severe burn injury can be life threatening, and even small burns can be dangerous for young children. All are painful and can have a lasting impact on your life.

The majority of burns are PREVENTABLE and by being aware and making small changes, you can help to keep you and your family safe!

Types of burns
  • Scald: A burn caused by hot liquid or steam, such as hot drinks and bath water.
  • Contact: A burn caused by contact with a hot object or surface such as heaters, ovens, and bike exhausts.
  • Flame: A burn caused by  contact with an open flame or explosion.
  • Electrical: A burn caused by exposure to a live current. Such as putting a knife in to a toaster.
  • Chemical: A burn caused by contact with a chemical substance, either on the skin or swallowed. For example ingestion of drain cleaner.
  • Radiation: A burn caused by exposure to excess of the suns ultraviolet rays.
  • Friction: A burn caused by the skin rubbing against a surface. For example treadmills.

The most common type of burn injury for children aged 0–5 years is scalds.

Most scalds in this age group are due to young children mimicking adult behaviour. This frequently results in burn injuries caused by pulling down hot drinks off tables, reaching up to grab handles of saucepans or by playing with the taps in the bath.

To learn more about how to prevent burns to young children download our Keeping Young Children Safe: Burns Prevention and First Aid brochure.

The tempertaure of water and the time it takes to cause a serious scald injury


Burns and Scalds

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