August 2020

Tony BossCurrent

Welcome to the August edition of our Kidsafe SA Prevention Matters Newsletter. This month we are focusing on driveway safety and safe infant sleeping. Kidsafe SA along with Cops for Kids have recently developed a new driveway safety video which is airing on South Australian TV's now.

Driveway Safety

Driveway runovers have sadly increased in South Australia in recent years.

These tragedies happen quickly and it is often a relative that is reversing the car. Children aged 1-2 years old and under 1m tall are at the greatest risk, even those still crawling.

Preventing driveway run overs is as simple as Supervise, Separate & See.

Supervise - always watch your children when the vehicle is to be moved. Hold their hand or hold them close to keep them safe.
Separate - restrict access and separate play areas from driveways & garages
See - be aware that all cars have a blind space behind them (some up to 15m), always walk around your car first before getting in.

Driveway runovers are preventable. If you don’t know, don’t go.

For more information on driveway safety.

Safe Infant Sleeping

Infants are not able to control their own sleeping environment – they are reliant on adults to help keep them safe.

Click here for more information on how to create a safe sleeping environment for baby.

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Baby sleeping bags can be used to eliminate bedding and are a great way to keep baby safe and warm whilst they sleep.

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Farm Safety

A farm can be an endless backyard full of exciting places for children to explore, however it can also be home to a number of hazards.

For more information on farm safety and create a Kidsafe farm click here.