Portable Pools

Portable and Above Ground Swimming Pools

What is a portable pool?

Portable swimming pools are a popular summer item and are easily purchased from a variety of department and discount stores. There are many different types of portable pools on the market from inflatable pools through to steel framed pools with filtration systems. Depths can vary from as little as 150mm to over one metre. 

If I purchase a portable pool, what do I have to do?

If the pool has a filtration system, you will need to contact your local council about obtaining approval for the pool and ensuring safety features are in place. 

Small portable and wading pools

Pools in this category are usually plastic clam shells and inflatable pools with a slip n slide component. They are defined as:

  • Water height / depth less than 300mm (30cm)
  • Volume of no more than 2,000L
  • No filtration or pumping system.

It is important to empty these pools at the end of each use and store them in a safe place where they can’t be filled with rain water or water from sprinklers.  

Large portable or inflatable pools

These pools are quite large, have a filtration system and are purchased with the intention of being set up for the duration of summer. They are defined as:

  • Water height / depth 300mm (30cm) or greater
  • Can be filled with a capacity greater than 2000L
  • Have a filtration system
  • These pools require council approval and safety features to be in place. Check with your local council before purchase.

* If you cannot afford to install a compliant fence around a portable pool of this type, a better option is a small portable or wading pool (clam shell or slip and slide) that doesn’t have a filtration system and which can be emptied and put away after each use.

Where can I go for further information?

Download and print the Kidsafe SA Prevention of Childhood Drowning information sheet

Download and print the resource Is Your Swimming Pool Kid Safe?

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