Workforce Development Training

Workforce Development Training


Kidsafe SA provides an innovative training program for a range of health professionals and early childhood workers in child safety and injury prevention for the 0 - 4 year age group. The Kidsafe SA Workforce Development Training is the first of its kind in South Australia. The training program consists of a workshop, which is supported by an evidence based resource kit that has been specifically developed for the SA context.

The Kidsafe SA Community Action Kit contains the necessary resources for a range of health professionals and early childhood workers to take an active role in their communities to make a difference in addressing childhood injuries in the home environment and community.

Kidsafe SA firmly believes that ‘Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much’. Kidsafe SA is very excited to provide this training and the Community Action Kit to enhance our ability to work effectively with others around the state.

The Community Action Kit is made up of 6 sections.

  • Section one: Main types of child injuries and approaches to prevention... the evidence and advice for parents
  • Section two: Injury risks by child development stage
  • Section three: Child injury prevention by location within the home and farms
  • Section four: Parents knowledge, attitudes and beliefs about safety
  • Section five: Useful websites and additional resources
  • Section six: Resources for parent groups, health professionals, and other community activities

The Community Action Kit also includes a range of Kidsafe SA and other resources on child safety and injury prevention, as well as 'Baby's First Year' DVD and the 'Child Injury Prevention' presentation for professionals

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