Kidsafe SA encourages and recognises the importance of play for all children. We support children to be able to take positive risks in a hazard free environment.

Is the playspace at your school, child care centre, council or community group regularly maintained and checked? It is recommended that a comprehensive playground inspection is undertaken annually

Comprehensive Playground Inspection Service

Playground inspections are an important part of playspace maintenance. Kidsafe SA offers an onsite comprehensive playground inspection service, including written and photographic report. All comprehensive playground inspections are undertaken by a qualified playground inspector.

A comprehensive playground inspection is one to establish the overall safety of the equipment, foundations and surfaces (NB: Kidsafe SA does not conduct drop testing on playground surfaces). It focuses on conformance with the current Australian Standards for playgrounds and industry best practice.

The purpose of the Comprehensive Playground Safety Inspection is to identify and report on non-conformance; potential hazards on and in the playground; equipment; within the design and installation; maintenance; and environmental conditions that could present possible risk to children/users. Post inspection, a written and photographic report is provided which includes recommendations for rectifying non-conformances and making repairs. Each identified non-conformance is risk assessed according to ISO 31000.

Benefits of a regular and thorough Playground Inspection Program may be:

Reduction in potential playground injuries
Effective resource utilisation
Efficient planning and budgeting
Improved public image and community relations

Comprehensive Playground Safety Inspection (starting from) $500.00

Playground Advisory Service

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