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4 Spots You May Have Missed When Childproofing Your Home

Wednesday 3rd Apr

4 Spots You May Have Missed When Childproofing Your Home



These are very heavy items and can cause serious injury to children if they try to grab onto them or attempt to climb them.

WHAT TO DO – Secure TV’s to the wall using a TV safety strap to prevent them from falling on to children.


Blind & Curtain Cords

These can be a real danger to children. They can cause strangulation if children become tangled in them.

WHAT TO DO – Keep all furniture away from blind or curtain cords.

Use a simple device such as a blind cord windup or clamp to keep the cords up out of reach.

Replace blind/curtain cords with wands where possible.

Toilet Safety

Children are inquisitive and often attracted to the toilet. Even before they are toilet trained, they are fascinated by the flushing of the toilet and by other things we store in the bathroom, such as toilet cleaner. These products are often brightly coloured and look very enticing to young children.


WHAT TO DO – Keep the toilet lid down to prevent access.

Store all toilet cleaning products out of reach of children.

Using a toilet lid lock can prevent children from lifting the lid.


Smoke Alarms

The results of a house fire can be absolutely devastating, personal possessions and irreplaceable items are lost. House fires occur each day throughout Australia.

WHAT TO DO – Ensure you have smoke alarms installed. Check them regularly to ensure they are working. Have a fire escape plan.




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