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Youth Health Symposium

Monday 24th Jul

The first Women’s and Children’s Health Network Youth Health Symposium was held in February, with 115 students from Years 6 and 7 attending.  In partnership with TeamKids, ActNow Theatre, Kidsafe SA and Bright Spark Entertainment, students were provided with an opportunity to share their views on a range of health topics and the hospital.

Kidsafe SA CEO, Holly Fitzgerald spoke to children about the important work that Kidsafe do in child injury prevention and how they could get involved in spreading the injury prevention message. She used the Unconventional Oven Campaign led by Kidsafe in 2015 to demonstrate how we can talk about health and injury prevention in different ways to support prevention and promotion. Students were captured by the “story” of the Unconventional Oven Campaign and had a better understanding of the dangers of leaving children in hot cars.

The topic of falls, being the most common cause of childhood injury, was discussed, explaining that for children their age many are injured falling from bikes and other wheeled devices. Kidsafe challenged students to think of creative ways to encourage and influence other students to always wear a properly fitted helmet when using a wheeled device to reduce the risk of a serious head injury.

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