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Furniture Related Injuries

Wednesday 12th Oct
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In Victoria during August this year a 3 year old boy was tragically killed when he was crushed by a falling bookcase. It is believed the boy was not climbing or playing with the bookcase at the time. The bookcase had been placed against a wall but was freestanding and fell without warning.

Sadly, there was also a furniture incident in Western Australia last October where a young boy (21 months old) was found crushed under a set of drawers in his bedroom. He was placed in his room for an afternoon nap and was later found by his mother, who had not heard the drawers fall. It is presumed that he was climbing the drawers at the time of the incident.

This comes as a reminder to all parents and caregivers to anchor and secure furniture so it is unable to fall or be pulled down by young children. There is a number of furniture and TV related crush injuries to children every year in Australia; don’t take the risk, secure your furniture down. Children will climb to gain access to favourite toys, TV remotes and various other items; do not place items up high where a child might climb to reach them. Try to avoid making furniture top heavy by placing heavy items in lower drawers and teach your children not to climb drawers or bookshelves.

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For more information on how to prevent these events, please have a look at the Kidsafe SA Information sheet.

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