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Dangers of baby walkers and exercise jumpers

Monday 19th Nov

Kidsafe SA with SA Health launch a new 'Dangers of baby walkers and exercise jumpers' campaign. These dangers are detailed in a brochure and poster available from our website.

Make portable pools SAFE

Friday 16th Nov

In the lead-up to summer and Christmas, South Australians are being warned about the dangers of portable pools.

The ‘Don’t Duck Out, Make It SAFE’ initiative is in response to statistics showing that on average one child dies from drowning in a portable pool every year, with others needing hospital treatment and some suffering permanent brain damage.

June 2018 National Burns Awareness Month

Friday 1st Jun

The National Burns Awareness Month (1-30 June) aims to drive greater awareness amongst the Australian community of burns prevention and the correct first aid treatment for burns.

National Burns Awareness Month is an initiative of Kidsafe, Australia’s leading community organisation dedicated to child injury prevention, and held in June each year as there is a significantly increased risk of burns during winter.

With the support of Burnaid® gel, it will be hosting a series of national educational and awareness initiatives throughout the month.

Throughout June, Kidsafe invites you to raise awareness of burns prevention and correct first aid by posting on social media.

Kidsafe National Playspace Design Awards

Tuesday 15th May

The 2018 Kidsafe National Playspace Design Awards (the Awards) recognise excellence and innovation in the provision of safe, creative playspaces. The Awards are open to playground owners, service providers, design professionals, students, and landscapers from across Australia.

End of an era for Julian Burton Burns Trust; New opportunity for Kidsafe SA

Tuesday 8th May

After an incredible 15-year ride, The Julian Burton Burns Trust will close its operations on 30 June 2018 and pass on the legacy of its burns prevention programs, including the successful BurnSafe program, to Kidsafe SA who will continue this great work.

‘It Only Takes a Split Second’ National Kidsafe Day

Tuesday 24th Oct

Today Kidsafe SA warned that a split second is all it takes for a child to be seriously injured, with on average 3 Australian children dying every week from preventable injuries.  


‘Safe Barriers Save Lives’ Campaign

Tuesday 19th Sep

Drowning is one of the leading causes of death for Australian children under 5 years of age. Kidsafe’s ‘Safe Barriers Save Lives’ Backyard Pool Safety campaign calls on all pool and spa owners to sign up to Kidsafe’s pool party event on Facebook and pledge to check the safety of their pool or spa barrier on Sunday October 1, in the lead up to the warmer months.

Youth Health Symposium

Monday 24th Jul

Organised by the Women's and Children's Hospital Youth Advisory Group, the Our Generation: Youth Health Mattersconference was attended by 115 children aged 10 to 13 years in February. Our CEO Holly Fitzgerald spoke to the children about child safety and challenged them to think of ways they could influence others to make safer choices.

Transporting Your Newborn Safely

Monday 24th Jul

A recent study has found that over 80% of newborns can not achieve a good harness fit in a rearward facing car restraint. A poor fit increases the risk of a child being ejected from their restraint and/or being seriously injured in a crash.

If you are about to have a baby we highly recommend you have a chat with us about your child car restraint options! We can also demonstrate correct installation of a restraint with our new vehicle demo seat. Come in and see us today!

NEW GIFT PACKS for First Baby, Gro Baby Shower and 1st Birthday!

Monday 3rd Jul

Introducing our new range of gift packs designed to provide you with a safety-conscious gift option. Finding the perfect gift for the arrival of a new baby or for a child’s 1st birthday can be difficult, particularly with the wide range of products available on the market. We’ve made your job easy by compiling our best selling products together to create safe and useful gift packs. 

Christmas and Summer Holiday Safety

Friday 9th Dec

The summer school holidays can be a very busy time for the Emergency Department at the Women's and Children's Hospital. 50 children presented to the Hospital last December in relation to a trampoline related injury. Follow the link to read about the different injuries obtained at Christmas time and how you can prevent them from happening.

Drowning Remains One of the Biggest Killers

Friday 14th Oct

The 2016 National Drowning Report was recently released... there were 32 drowning deaths of children aged 0-14 years in Australia between the 1st of July 2015 and 30th of June 2016. The majority of deaths were in the 0-4 years age group with 21 total deaths - 81% of these occurred from falls into water and over half were in swimming pools.

Furniture Related Injuries

Wednesday 12th Oct

Is your heavy furniture secured and anchored to the wall or cabinet?

There are a number of furniture and TV related crush injuries to children every year in Australia; don’t take the risk, secure your furniture.

NEW Poisons Prevention Resources Launched

Monday 12th Sep

In partnership, Kidsafe SA and V.I.P Home Services have developed a number of resources to support safe gardening and poisons prevention around the home, including poisonous plants.

Kidsafe SA On National TV

Thursday 25th Aug

Kidsafe SA CEO Holly Fitzgerald featured on The Project last month to speak about the increased number of children being injured by prams and stroller. 

To view the Fitzgerald Family playing for Kidsafe SA on All Star Family Feud, click on the link below.

Inequalities in Indigenous Health

Thursday 17th Mar

Sadly we continue to see higher injury rates in indigenous children compared to non-indigenous children across the world; in some areas up to 8 times higher. A recent review looked over past research to try and uncover why preventable injury rates continue to be so high in these communities.

Quad Bikes and Kids Don't Mix

Thursday 10th Mar

A report was recently published by the University of Adelaide that warned again of the dangers of quad bikes. Quad bikes are a safety concern for all ages but especially children under age 16. The research found that in South Australia, between 2000 and 2014 half of the quad bike deaths were of children under age 161. As part of their research they also interviewed quad bike users and found that 44% allowed children under the age of 16 to ride, or sit as passengers, on quad bikes.1

The Helen Noblet Award Ceremony

Friday 11th Dec

Kidsafe SA announced the winners of the 2015 Helen Noblet Award on Friday the 11th December at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

Read on to find out who was awarded in 2015...

MERMAID TAILS - a safety reminder

Tuesday 8th Dec

Mermaid tails are growing in popularity with their ability to make the swimmer look and swim like a mermaid. These items bind a child's legs together and acts as a 'flipper' so that children can swim like a fish. They should be used under supervision and with caution. 

The Unconventional Oven

Wednesday 2nd Dec

Kidsafe teamed up with AAMI and celebrity chef Matt Moran to bring to life ‘The Unconventional Oven’. Celebrity Chef Matt Moran prepared a meal for awaiting food media, bloggers and members of the public interested in finding out about the ‘product launch’ of the unconventional oven. Matt then revealed to guests that he had in fact cooked the meal in a parked car. The parked car, which had been sitting in the Bondi sun, had reached scorching temperatures of over 75 degrees Celsius which meant the lamb loin located inside was cooked through!

WARNING: Hair Straighteners

Tuesday 1st Sep

A hair straightener can reach temperatures of up to 220°C in under 10 minutes. That’s hot enough to fry an egg and hot enough to cause serious injury to a child and leave life long scars.

Warning about purchasing child car restraints online

Sunday 23rd Aug

Choosing a child restraint is a big decision and there are a lot out there to choose from! When shopping for a new child car restraint there are lots of things to think about. It is important however to keep safety at the forefront of your mind.

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