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Fast Links

AAP: Injury and Poison Prevention Section - USA
Australian Institute for Health and Welfare (AIHW)
Bub Hub (Parenting website)
Child and Youth Health - SA
Children's Safety Network - USA
Choice Magazine
Essential Baby (Parenting website) 
Farmsafe - National (child safety)
Healthy SA
Injury Prevention Web - USA
Kidsafe Australia
Kids Health
Monash University Accident Research Centre - Vic
My Child (Parenting website)
National Center for Injury Prevention and Control - USA
National Injury Surveillance Unit (Flinders University) - SA
NSW Health Injury Prevention and Policy Unit
Parenting SA
Playgroup SA Inc.
Queensland Injury Surveillance Unit - QLD
Raising Children (Parenting website)
Redcross - National
Royal Life Saving Society of SA
SA Ambulance
Safe Kids - Canada
Safe Kids - New Zealand (NZ)
Safe Kids - USA (NZ)
Safe Kids Worldwide
Safety House Association
Sids and Kids - National
St John Ambulance - SA
Surf Lifesaving - SA
World Health Organisation


Emergency Numbers

(Ambulance, Police, Fire)
1300 881 700
13 14 44
(08) 8524 4500
Poisons Information Centre
(24 hours a day, Australia Wide)
13 11 26
(Sudden Infant Death, Stillbirth and
Neo-natal Death Support or Information)
(08) 8363 1963
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