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    More than just a playground - play is fundamental for children's growth, development and learning. Play allows children to gain the life skills, competencies and values necessary for a happy and productive adult life. Children most commonly learn these life skills in the 'playground'.

    Our thinking about playground should be broadened from confined areas that contain only modular, fixed equipment, to areas that are diverse, flexible and interactive l;earning environments. Our favourite quoute is 'when children really enjoy a well-designed playspace, they want to return there again and again. The playspace has a special meaning to them and offers special memories to share'.

    Remember your own childhood. Where was your favourite place to play?

    Kidsafe SA has developed a Playground Safety Resource Kit that can be used by the early childhood sector, Schools, Councils and other affiliated groups. The Resource Kit contains information on Australian Standards for playground equipment, undersurfacing, maintenance etc as well as information on legal responsibilities, safe play surfaces, sandpits, timber treatment etc. Click here for more information on the Playspace Resource Kit and to order your copy.

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