Safe Infant Sleeping

Over the past 25 years we have seen a dramatic decline of deaths from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)


Providing a safe sleeping environment for infants can prevent death. There are positive steps that can be taken to make sleeping environments safer for infants.


1. Sleep baby on their back from birth – never on the tummy or side

2. Sleep baby with their head and face uncovered

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When using bedding, put baby's feet at the end of the cot then only bring bedding up to the chest.

When using a sleeping bag, make sure it is the right size for your baby. You should place baby's feet at the end of the cot and tuck any excess sleeping bag underneath the mattress. 

3. Avoid exposing baby to tobacco smoke before and after birth

4. Sleep baby in their own cot or bassinette in the same room as you for the first 6 – 12 months.

5. Provide a safe sleeping environment for baby night and day. A firm mattress and no soft items in the cot.

For more information on checking the firmness of your mattress, please click here.

Don’t let babies sleep on couches, bean bags, pillows or even baby capsules placed on the floor. 

Keep the cot or bassinette away from curtain/blind cords – young children have been strangled by dangling curtain and blind cords.

6. Breastfeed your baby if you can


The Gro Company and Kidsafe Australia


Kidsafe Australia and The Gro Company have committed to working in partnership over the next few years to promote safe infant sleeping and help to reduce SIDS and fatal sleeping accidents in Australia.

Funds from the sale of Gro Bags are donated to Kidsafe Australia to support safer sleep for all babies. A purchase a Gro Bag, click here

A baby sleep bag is a safe option for baby to sleep as it eliminates bedding - reducing the risk of suffocation, keeps baby at a safe temperature and is easy to use.

For more information about The Gro Company – the No. 1 baby sleep bag brand in the UK and Australia, visit

Grobag Baby Sleeping Bag

A safe way to sleep baby

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Benefits of using a Grobag

  • Eliminates bedding (sheets, blankets) that can cover baby’s face and cause suffocation
  • Stops children from getting cold because they are unable to kick their blankets off
  • Baby is kept at a comfortable temperature as the Grobag has a thermal rating (TOG) to help guide you to dress your baby in the right clothing for the room temperature
  • The sleeveless design means your baby wont overheat as heat can be released from their underarms.
  • The fitted neck and armholes mean there is no chance of baby slipping in or out
  • Easy to use for parents, carers and grandparents 

To purchase a Grobag, click here or call us on 8161 6318. 

Dressing baby for sleeping in a Grobag

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Safe Infant Sleeping

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