Baby Walkers & Exercise Jumpers

Dangers of baby walkers and exercise jumpers

Baby walkers and exercise jumpers are dangerous and not recommended.

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Baby walkers

Baby walkers have a hard-plastic base on wheels with a sling seat. Babies can sit in the seat and move around, often before they are able to sit by themselves or crawl.


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Baby walkers can be dangerous as they allow children to move quickly around the house and grab things normally out of reach.
When in a baby walker they can:

  • burn themselves grabbing hot drinks on benches, boiling kettles, hot ovens or touching open fires and heaters
  • swallow dangerous cleaning products or medications on shelves or in cupboards
  •  fall down stairs or tip over on uneven surfaces.

Baby walkers DO NOT help babies learn how to walk any sooner, and may delay them reaching other very important milestones (rolling, sitting, crawling).

While in a walker, babies do not learn how to use their muscles properly. This teaches them to walk on tip toes, causing their leg muscles to become tight. This may require treatment, like casting or even surgery.

Baby exercise jumpers

Baby exercise jumpers are a sling seat with a spring that can be attached to a door frame or to a separate frame, which allows babies to bounce up and down off the floor using their feet.


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Children have been injured in baby exercise jumpers, including:

  • falling out of the seat causing limb or head injuries
  • colliding with furniture or the door frame – siblings have been known to push baby into door frames and furniture
  • trapping fingers in the spring.

Like baby walkers, the use of exercise jumpers can cause baby’s leg muscles to
become tight. This may require them to have treatment, like casting or even surgery.

While in an exercise jumper, babies do not learn how to use their muscles properly. It may encourage them to stiffen their legs and may delay them reaching their milestones (sitting, crawling, walking).

Better, safer options

Floor time

It is important baby practices tummy time on a mat, sitting, crawling.

Baby swing or rocker chair

Set-up on the floor, never up high. Use during awake time, not for sleep. Make sure the harness is done up correctly.

Activity Table

Practice pulling to stand at an activity table or low, secured furniture.

Push-type trolley

Practice learning to walk, behind a stable push-type trolley.

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