Safe and healthy wearing

Safe and healthy wearing

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When carrying your baby in a sling or carrier:

  • Walk and stand tall with your knees bent a little bit to take some of the weight.
  • Take short steps to assist with balance, as slings can alter your centre of gravity.
  • Keep your shoulders low and back. Shoulder straps and chest clips should cross between your shoulder blades.

When the sling or carrier is being shared between caregivers, always take the time to make adjustments for their comfort as well as baby’s safety.

Never place your baby in a sling underneath clothing or with any material covering their face.

Be careful of things that could be dangerous when carrying your baby in a sling such as holding hot drinks, running after another child or any activity that distracts you from regularly checking on your baby.

Your movement may loosen the sling and change the position of your baby. Check for wear and tear to the product like ripped seams, frayed straps or loose fasteners each time before you use it.

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