Our Strategic Direction

Our Mission:

Kidsafe SA is the catalyst for change in the reduction of unintentional childhood injuries. Through the provision of information, education, training, and advocacy, and working in partnership with organisations; Kidsafe SA works to influence legislation, state and local governments, organisations, communities and families to become more aware of how to reduce unintentional death and injury in children 0-15 years of age.

Our Vision:

Making a safer world for kids by reducing unintentional death and injuries.

Our Values

  • Collaboration – we actively work with families, communities and other stakeholders towards the achievement of our mutual goals
  • Empowerment – we strive to work in a way that empowers families and communities to increase their capacity to adopt safer practices and make the environment safer for children
  • Integrity – we strive to act with integrity in all our actions
  • Excellence – we strive to provide quality programs and services to support child injury prevention
  • Leadership – we strive to provide effective leadership in child injury prevention

Our Strategic Direction:

Over the years we have developed strategic plans to guide our work and increase our reach and effectiveness. The Kidsafe SA Strategic Plan 2014 - 2017 incorporates the insight and energy of the current Kidsafe SA Board of Management and staff, and has been developed to guide our efforts over the next three years.

The plan works to 4 major strategic pillars:

1. Reduce unintentional childhood death and injuries in South Australia

  • To implement evidence based and targetable injury prevention programs to meet the needs of the SA community

2. Financial sustainability and growth

  • To ensure sufficient revenue to support the Organisation’s effective operations and growth

3. Strategic partnerships

  • To increase the effectiveness and reach of child injury prevention programs in South Australia through strategic partnerships and alliances

4. Sustainable business practices

  • To ensure robust operations using best practice and sound governance
Our Major Partners