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Prevention Matters
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Dr Anne Johnson retires after 15 years in the role of Kidsafe SA President

Dr Anne Johnson was the Kidsafe SA President for 15 years (from 2001), and prior to that had a close association with the Organisation as a Board Member and collaborator in health promotion and child safety projects since 1993. During this time, she consistently demonstrated a significant commitment to the Organisation and to reducing unintentional childhood deaths and serious injuries through leadership, advocacy and collaboration.

Anne’s passion and commitment to Kidsafe SA and child injury prevention came directly from her time as a paediatric intensive care nurse at the Adelaide Children’s Hospital. It was during that time that she witnessed firsthand the devastating impact a preventable child death or serious injury had, not only on the individual and immediate family, but extended family members, friends and often whole communities. It was these experiences that inspired her to get involved in prevention and Kidsafe SA.

Anne is an exceptional individual and we can’t thank her enough for her commitment to making a difference to the lives of children and families in South Australia over so many years. From a personal perspective, she has been a mentor and role model to me both professionally and personally over the last 12 years.


Anne is now enjoying retired life as an artist - her upcoming exhibition Remembering War Dogs can be viewed by clicking here.

Holly Fitzgerald
Kidsafe SA CEO


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Kidsafe SA now running Accredited Child Car Restraint Training

People fitting restraints in a professional capacity require education and training to ensure they can appropriately select, set‐up, install and adjust restraints for children in their care. The Kidsafe accredited training is based on Course Code 52546WA Course in Type 1 Child Car Restraint Installation (Reaccredited 2012).

On successful completion of this training you will receive a Statement of Attainment for the stand alone unit of competency:
RSCICR301A Provide Information and Advice on Correct Child Car Restraint Use

This training will provide participants with the knowledge and skills to appropriately select, install and adjust selected child restraints in specified vehicles for their job role.

Statistics gathered from Kidsafe have found that 70-80% of children are travelling incorrectly restrained in the car. Children who are incorrectly restrained are up to 7 times more likely to be injured in the event of a crash. 

On completion of this training you will be able to:

Contextualise advice on correct child car restraint use

Identify and incorporate requirements of relevant legislation/guidelines

Specify the requirements for child car restraint installation

Assist client in selecting suitable child car restraints

Offer client sources of additional information

To register for an upcoming course, please click here. For further information, please contact Kidsafe SA on (08) 8161 6318 or sa@kidsafe.org.au

Kidsafe Current Topics
Furniture related injuries
Is your heavy furniture secured and anchored to the wall or cabinet?

There are a number of furniture and TV related crush injuries to children every year in Australia; don’t take the risk, secure your furniture.
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Kidsafe SA on National TV
Kidsafe SA CEO Holly Fitzgerald featured on The Project last month to speak about the increased number of children being injured by prams and stroller. 

To view the Fitzgerald Family playing for Kidsafe SA on All Star Family Feud, click on the link below.
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Drowning remains one of the biggest killers
The 2016 National Drowning Report was recently released... there were 32 drowning deaths of children aged 0-14 years in Australia between the 1st of July 2015 and 30th of June 2016. The majority of deaths were in the 0-4 years age group with 21 total deaths - 81% of these occurred from falls into water and over half were in swimming pools.
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Our NEW Home Safety Checklist
Our NEW Home Safety Checklist is available to download now! This is our most accessed resource to support parents and carers to make their homes a safer place for kids.
Download your copy by following the link.
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Kidsafe SA at the Regional Field Days

Thanks to Cops for Kids, Kidsafe SA was able to provide free child car restraint fitting and advisory services to local families at both the Eyre Peninsula and Riverland Field Days.

Kidsafe SA staff found that many families had difficulty with fitting and using their seats. Common issues included the seatbelt routed through the incorrect path or not firm enough; harnesses twisted; and the top tether strap connected to something other than the anchor point.

We understand that is can be tricky to get the fitment right. Kidsafe SA can assist you in ensuring the restraint is fitted correctly and that children are restrained properly on every trip. Thank you to radio station 5CC who were onsite at the Field Days and were able to promote this important service.  

A number of great online reviews were received for this service including this one: "OMG! These guys are amazing! Totally sorted out both my kids car seats! And taught me loads!!! Couldn't recommend these guys enough! They would save sooo many lives! Very very grateful!"

A big thank you to Cops for Kids who have supported this important program. Country families travel long distances and often on open roads and at high speeds, highlighting the importance of supporting regional families in ensuring children are transported safely.

Are you struggling with your child's car seat? If you have questions about installation or everyday use then please contact us on 8161 6318 or sa@kidsafe.org.au. 

STAY TUNED: We are holding two more FREE Child Car Restraint Fitting events in the coming months in metro based areas. Please like us on Facebook so you can be the first to know about these fantastic events. 

Upcoming events
National Kidsafe Day Tuesday 25th October
To celebrate National Kidsafe Day 20th Century Fox and Ice Age Collision Course have joined forces with Kidsafe to help spread the road safety message. Find out more here.

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FREE Child Car Restraint Fitting & Checking
Kidsafe SA are attending the Playford Alive Community Fun Day on Saturday November 19th to fit and check child car restraints.

Feel free to pop in during the hours 10am - 3pm throughout the event to have your child car restraint checked and fitted at no cost
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Have you ever struggled to get your child out of their car restraint? Those little arms just won’t bend the way you need them to and you’re playing tug-of-war to get your child out? There’s a chance you’re doing things the hard way.

The easiest way to take your little one out of their seat is to LOOSEN the harness straps as the very first step. THEN, once they’re loose, hit the red button to release the buckles and WING the harnesses open to the side, making sure you hold the harnesses by the buckles only, not the straps.

Doing it this way makes for a lot more room to get your child out, as well as ensures your harnesses don’t get twisted up. The other benefit is that your harnesses are out of the way, ready for when they get back in.

To put your little one back in, just WING the harnesses back towards the buckle and plug them in one at a time. LISTEN for the ‘click’ once the second one goes in and then pull the harness strap to tighten.

This is just what your seat belt does for you when you get in; the belt adjusts to your size on the day and it buckles in with a ‘click’.

Online Safety Shop

About to have a baby or know somebody who is? The Gro-swaddle is a clever wrap that goes round your baby and has no need for poppers, Velcro or ties. The Gro-swaddle will ensure to keep your baby snug but not at risk of overheating. 

Only $17

The Gro Swaddle
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Kidsafe SA relies on the generosity of South Australian people and the business community to prevent childhood deaths and serious injuries.


Stay up to date with emerging child safety and injury prevention issues as they happen and be the first to know about product sales and upcoming events.

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