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Travelling safe with your family this Easter

Easter is a wonderful time often shared with family and friends. It is a busy time on our roads with families travelling to meet up with each other or to go away for the weekend. Sadly, it is also a high road toll period with 14 people killed last year during Easter including a two year-old girl in South Australia involved in a ute rollover.

The best way to keep your child safe when travelling is to ensure they are restrained in an Australian Standards approved car restraint appropriate to their size. Observation from Kidsafe checking services show that 70-80% of children are incorrectly restrained either from incorrect use/installation of the restraint or because the restraint is not right for the child’s size. Below we have put together 8 tips for checking that your restraint is properly fitted and children are retrained properly this Easter:

Check out the Kidsafe video 'Making Passenger Safety a Priority' to learn more about transporting your children as safe as possible. If you are having trouble with your car restraint or would like some more information, please give us a call on (08) 8161 6318.

The roads are always busier at Easter time so expect delays, be patient, stick to the speed limit and keep off your mobile phone. Wishing you and your family a safe and happy Easter.

Holly Fitzgerald, Kidsafe SA CEO

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Does your portable pool need to have safety barriers?

Portable pools, due to their smaller size, are often mistaken as a low danger risk. This is not the case - a child can drown in just a few centimetres of water in less than 2 minutes, making the portable pool just as unsafe as any pool.

Drowning remains the largest cause of injury death of Australian children aged between 0-4 years. During 2015, 35 children aged 0 – 14 years drowned in Australia (National Drowning Report 2015). More than half of toddler drownings occur in swimming pools (National Drowning Report 2015). In Australia, 90% of portable pool drownings have been children under 3 years old.

Many portable pools on the market now are larger than your traditional wading pools, have a filtration system and are purchased with the intention of being set up for the duration of summer. They are generally defined as:
• Water height / depth 300mm (30cm) or greater
• Can be filled with a capacity greater than 2000L
• Have a filtration system

Does your portable pool have a filtration system? If yes, then you are required to contact your local council about obtaining approval for the pool and ensuring safety features are in place. So although portable and above ground pools can be cheap to purchase, they can be expensive to fence and maintain.
It is important that smaller portable pools such as clam shells and slip and slides be emptied after each use and stored in a safe place where they can’t be filled with rain water or water from sprinklers.

Above all other safety measures, active supervision is vital in ensuring your child remains safe around water - young children should be within arm’s length at all times. Older children should never be left to supervise younger children as they are not equipped with the skills to act in the event of an emergency. CPR training and knowledge goes hand-in-hand with active supervision, make sure you have the skills to provide first aid if the unthinkable occurs.

Remember to #MakeItSafe

For more information on pools please click here

Upcoming events
'2nd Millennium Rockstars' Art Exhibition - supporting Kidsafe SA
AN EVENT NOT TO BE MISSED - please join us at the launch of Corey Gray's '2nd Millennium Rockstars' Art Exhibition on Wednesday the 6th of April at the Adelaide Convention Centre.
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‘Let There Be Light’ - an event to be remembered
Red Carpet Arrival, French Champagne, exclusive wine tasting, a 1-off degustation menu, MC the fabulous Amelia Ryan and Cabaret Show with Michael Griffiths, an art exhibition and much much more!
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Kidsafe Current News
Helen Noblet Award Announced
Two very worthy winners of the 2015 Helen Noblet Award announced during award ceremony presented by The Governor of South Australia. 

Congratulations to the staff of the Women’s and Children’s Hospital Paediatric Emergency Department and the South Australian Coroner’s Office.
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Quad bikes and kids - a dangerous combination
A report was recently published by the University of Adelaide that once again warned of the dangers of quad bikes. Quad bikes are a safety concern especially for children under age 16.

The research found that in South Australia between 2000 and 2014, half of the quad bike deaths were of children under age 16.
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Inequalities in Indigenous Health
Sadly we continue to see higher injury rates in indigenous children compared to non-indigenous children across the world; in some areas up to 8 times higher.

A recent review looked over past research to try and uncover why preventable injury rates continue to be so high in these communities.
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mattress firmness
For a long time now it has been widely accepted that it is important for an infant to sleep on a firm mattress. But, how firm is firm enough?

In 2013 a voluntary standard (AS/NZS 8811.1:2013) was introduced for the testing of mattress firmness. Any mattress that fails the test is considered ‘too soft’ and can present as a risk factor for SIDS.
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For more information on driveway safety, please follow the link.


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