Over 250 Australian children die each year from preventable injuries, while a further 58,000 are hospitalised. Kidsafe exists to prevent these tragedies.




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Drowning Remains One of the Biggest Killers

The 2016 National Drowning Report was recently released... there were 32 drowning deaths of children aged 0-14 years in Australia between the 1st of July 2015 and 30th of June 2016. The majority of deaths were in the 0-4 years age group with 21 total deaths - 81% of these occurred from falls into water and over half were in swimming pools.

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Furniture Related Injuries

Is your heavy furniture secured and anchored to the wall or cabinet?

There are a number of furniture and TV related crush injuries to children every year in Australia; don’t take the risk, secure your furniture.

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NEW Poisons Prevention Resources Launched

In partnership, Kidsafe SA and V.I.P Home Services have developed a number of resources to support safe gardening and poisons prevention around the home, including poisonous plants.

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