Over 250 Australian children die each year from preventable injuries, while a further 58,000 are hospitalised. Kidsafe exists to prevent these tragedies.




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NEW Poisons Prevention Resources Launched

In partnership, Kidsafe SA and V.I.P Home Services have developed a number of resources to support safe gardening and poisons prevention around the home, including poisonous plants.

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Inequalities in Indigenous Health

Sadly we continue to see higher injury rates in indigenous children compared to non-indigenous children across the world; in some areas up to 8 times higher. A recent review looked over past research to try and uncover why preventable injury rates continue to be so high in these communities.

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Quad Bikes and Kids Don't Mix

A report was recently published by the University of Adelaide that warned again of the dangers of quad bikes. Quad bikes are a safety concern for all ages but especially children under age 16. The research found that in South Australia, between 2000 and 2014 half of the quad bike deaths were of children under age 161. As part of their research they also interviewed quad bike users and found that 44% allowed children under the age of 16 to ride, or sit as passengers, on quad bikes.1

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