Over 150 Australian children die each year from preventable injuries, while a further 58,000 are hospitalised. Kidsafe exists to prevent these tragedies.




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New Data on Unintentional Injury In Aboriginal Children

A study recently released by The George Institute found that Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander children are almost twice as likely to be hospitalised for unintentional injuries, such as falls, burns and poisoning than Non-Aboriginal children.

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4 Spots You May Have Missed When Childproofing Your Home

Have you already childproofed your home? Did you use our Home Safety Checklist?

This article will help you think about areas you may have missed. 

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Make portable pools SAFE

In the lead-up to summer and Christmas, South Australians are being warned about the dangers of portable pools.

The ‘Don’t Duck Out, Make It SAFE’ initiative is in response to statistics showing that on average one child dies from drowning in a portable pool every year, with others needing hospital treatment and some suffering permanent brain damage.

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