Over 150 Australian children die each year from preventable injuries, while a further 58,000 are hospitalised. Kidsafe exists to prevent these tragedies.




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Youth Health Symposium

Organised by the Women's and Children's Hospital Youth Advisory Group, the Our Generation: Youth Health Mattersconference was attended by 115 children aged 10 to 13 years in February. Our CEO Holly Fitzgerald spoke to the children about child safety and challenged them to think of ways they could influence others to make safer choices.

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Transporting Your Newborn Safely

A recent study has found that over 80% of newborns can not achieve a good harness fit in a rearward facing car restraint. A poor fit increases the risk of a child being ejected from their restraint and/or being seriously injured in a crash.

If you are about to have a baby we highly recommend you have a chat with us about your child car restraint options! We can also demonstrate correct installation of a restraint with our new vehicle demo seat. Come in and see us today!

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NEW GIFT PACKS for First Baby, Gro Baby Shower and 1st Birthday!

Introducing our new range of gift packs designed to provide you with a safety-conscious gift option. Finding the perfect gift for the arrival of a new baby or for a child’s 1st birthday can be difficult, particularly with the wide range of products available on the market. We’ve made your job easy by compiling our best selling products together to create safe and useful gift packs. 

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